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Graphicus Design is a full service graphic design studio where YOU are always the most important client. Whether your business needs a website, collateral material, branding or a digital marketing campaign, we will roll up our sleeves and put on the propeller beanie to deliver you an effective solution. With so many do-it-yourself options available and continued cost restrictions placed on your company’s budget, you need to know your time and money are wisely spent. Our professionalism and dependability will make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget, while “awesome!” and “really cool!” will ensure that your project’s success brings about a positive long-term effect on your business.

  • web design for Hoop Heaven
  • graphic design for Nicepak
  • graphic design for DST
  • graphic design branding for Barry Capital
  • graphic design logos by Graphicus
  • graphic design for multiple magazines
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There is no US without YOU.

Our team of dedicated professionals knows that meeting deadlines, expectations and communication are essential to your project’s completion, no matter the size. You will always have a clear understanding of the parameters regarding cost, timeframe and scope of work. At Graphicus, customer service means that we will bust our humps to make your project successful, even at the expense of our precious sleep!

It’s easy to manage your graphic design projects with US.

Now you can track your job status, view your previous job history, accounting and even make payments online with US. Simply create an account and we will keep you up to date with the status of your job, view proofs, and be able to communicate with us on your computer or mobile device instantaneously.

Graphicus Design Services

Print Design

We love print! Whether it’s publications, collateral material, infographics or promotional advertising, Graphicus views every job as an opportunity to create something special. Helping your business grow is at the heart of our design philosophy. That’s why our team of designers and copywriter’s mission is effective communication that leads to action. VIEW OUR PRINT SERVICES

Graphicus Print Design

Graphicus Web Design


Creating dynamic content that generates direct interaction, whether it requires HTML5, WordPress, multi-user or e-commerce, is a matter of “cents and sensibility” to US. Your website should be your business’ primary resource for attracting potential clients and providing them with information that shows why you are AWESOME! VIEW OUR WEB SERVICES


Your brand’s identity deserves the same level of inspiration, research, talent and guts that it took to start your business. Designing logos, collateral material and branding guidelines that work together to visually communicate the same perception of high standards & professionalism that you do in person is OURS. VIEW OUR BRANDING & IDENTITY SERVICES

Graphicus Logo & Corporate Identity Design

Graphicus Design Digital Marketing


A pretty website and Facebook page aren’t enough to meaningfully grow your business online. We customize strategies & create content for e-mail marketing campaigns, online publications, SEO and social media postings with a clear call to action that promotes sharing and builds audience. VIEW OUR DIGITAL MARKETING & SEO SERVICES

“My business has improved and much of that is thanks to the Graphicus team. They were instrumental in making my website a huge success.” —Penny Deemer, Coppers Salon

Just some of our graphic design clients.

vinceA graphic design studio where YOU are the most important client.