Get Organized For Your Next Meeting With Trello

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Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects. Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.

At Graphicus every once in a while we come across a service or website we think our clients or readers would love to check out and might be able to use. When we find these tools, we’ll pass on the info and you’ll find this in The Coffee Shop.

Get Organized For Your Next Meeting

Trello is a great service that is a free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. Before your next meeting, perhaps with a certain graphic design agency, you can organize inspirational items beforehand that you would like to share as a visual image board, called a Trello Board. You can add or remove items and comment on them for use as reminders or notes at the meeting. Your Trello Board is also able to be shared and sent at any time and it’s free, all you have to do is sign up for an account and start making your inspiration lists immediately.

For us designers
This is a great visual for us designers to have beforehand or after a meeting in order to get a good feel for what your looking for or the kind of style youtrello-post-pic would like your project to be. For example, you might have a restaurant that has a specific style on the inside and you would like your menu and marketing materials to compliment that look. By filling out a Trello list, we can not only visually view any pictures of your restaurant, but it can show the finest details and supply us with your notes and comments on those details about how you would like your most important elements to reflect your business.

Some features of Trello:

• Add items and comments
• Upload file attachments
• Create checklists
• Add to calendars and due dates
• Search filtering and labels
• Invite people to your board
• Add groups of people to your board
• Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and more
• Private and secure data

We hope this provides you with some useful information and helps you in the future on your next meeting or conference. We’re quite familiar with the service and would love to see what you have in store for your next project. Feel free to contact us now to speak about any design or marketing needs you may have or to set up a meeting when we can sit down and talk about your future business goals. Email us at, contact by phone at 908-835-2792 or click this really cool button below!