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Graphicus Design’s services begin with customer service.

Every client and every job is unique, with its own set of requirements and challenges. That’s why our first job as your designer always starts with listening! We understand that communication and caring about your business are what differentiates a professional design studio from a freelancer or student. Hiring Graphicus means you can count on awesome creativity and professional quality, with clear expectations of the design process and when your job will be completed. Your project will always be our most important job and we will bend over backwards to meet whatever deadline or obstacle stands between you and your project’s success.

How can we help YOU today?

Graphicus - How We Work

How We Work

The first step to any successful project is getting a clear understanding of your needs, expectations and time parameters for completion. After this initial consultation, we will develop a proposal detailing the parameters, a plan of action, and a cost breakdown of the project with timeline milestones for delivery and payment.


Once both sides have agreed to the terms outlined in the proposal, Graphicus will provide you with a contract to sign and require a 1/3rd deposit on larger jobs or a 1/2 deposit on smaller jobs to begin working. This process is very important, as it clearly communicates between your business and Graphicus what will determine your project's success.

Concept Development & Research

This is where the fun begins! We extensively research and develop a conceptual approach to handling your project and develop outlines, comps, and mock-ups. This can be a back and forth process with you, as we work to finding the best possible solution.

Project Execution

Once we have agreed upon the conceptual development, our team begins production. This part of the process and timing varies widely, depending upon the type of project and scope of work.


Graphicus typically allows for 3 rounds of revisions to each project, unless otherwise agreed upon. Further changes after that are charged at our hourly studio rate.


Final mechanicals, website uploading and/or file preparation is created and printed, posted or published to the web and your project is complete! For some types of projects, it may be advantageous and cost beneficial to retain our services for maintenance, monitoring and updates to ensure your project's long-term success.
Graphicus - Print Services Detailed

Designing Creative Solutions for PRINT Since 2005

Graphicus approaches the creative process by maintaining focus on effective communication from concept through production. Whether your project must maintain corporate brand standards or your a small business with need for brand clarity, it's our job to never lose sight of your job's purpose. We are a full service graphic design studio that can meet a variety of your print needs.

Publication & Catalog Design

Breathe life into your next publication, catalog, newsletter or monthly report. From redesign through monthly production, our experienced team will manage the entire editorial, print production & scheduling process in a detail-oriented manner for dependable publication delivery.

Collateral Materials

Make sure your business maintains consistent branding standards. Bring professionalism, creativity, and originality to all of your businesses printed materials, from business cards & stationary to annual reports, sales brochures, location & vehicle signage and more.


A good ad can be remembered forever, so seize the opportunity to get your business or event noticed with something stunning! From publications to billboards, Graphicus can handle all of your advertising needs including concept development,creative content development, and copywriting.


Infographics are superb ways to illustrate collections of information and make it accessible to the reader. Graphicus specializes at communicating the even the most complex timeline, process, map or collection of data, and brings it to life graphically.

Powerpoint presentations

Spruce up your next powerpoint presentation with added flair and interactivity! Keep your audience captive And assure your next business presentation is a success.
Graphicus - Web Services Detailed

Expect your website to drive you business, not drive you crazy.

It's not much to ask for some form of return on your investment from your website. Whether measured directly in orders, inquiries, or more intangible ways like expanding your brand's visibility, you deserve to understand what you are spending your money on. Graphicus believes building a website begins with clearly defining goals and expectations for your website and customizing a plan of action for its production. We then discuss the options to determine what services, tools and budget you will need to meet your business expectations. Production is always a collaborative process to make sure your website works for YOU.

Small Business Websites

The cliche of content is king has never been more important for small businesses, and it's Graphicus Design's focus from the start. Your website has to communicate to your customer's what sets your business apart from the competition and provide them the ability to do business with you. Bells and whistles are cute, but websites need to generate action.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress has become more than simply a blogging platform, it's developed into a powerful content management system that allows you to manage your website with up to the minute updates that can be made from your phone. With it's feature-rich abilities, it's no surprise that it's become so popular, with around 20% of websites on the internet being built with WordPress. Graphicus provides you with all of the tools and training necessary to run your own website.
Graphicus - Logos and Corporate Identity

What Does Your Corporate Identity Project To Your Clients?

Think of your identity as your way of selling who you are what you do without actually being present. It's the total package, communicating what you do, as well as your quality, style, professionalism and size. When all of your collateral materials work together, it presents a cohesive aura of dependability that may be what determines your potential customer's next business decision. Having a clear guideline of HOW you present your business to the public is like dressing for success at your next sales meeting.

Logos Designed for Where You Want to Go

It all starts here! Your logo is the face of what represents your company symbolically because it is utilized throughout all of your stationery, marketing materials, signage and products. It is the absract representation of your business visually left behind. Graphicus strives to illustrate the essence of what your business is clearly and concisely, so that however it's used, it will be instantaneously remembered and help promote your company or product whenever seen.

Branding Your Business for future growth

HOW you brand your product can be the most important element in determining how successful your business venture becomes. Graphicus takes the core concepts and brand strategy of your product and utilizes them to develop an integrated package that creates an emotional reaction with your target market and increase customer loyalty. Throughout all of your sales materials, packaging, signage, business cards and stationary, we help to make sure that your brand reinforces your product is not simply leading the competition, but is the only one on the market that's right for your customers.
Graphicus - Digital Marketing Services Detailed

Does your business have all of the components required to generate online success?

You don't have to reinvent the wheel to achieve meaningful growth online, you need an active strategy with all it's components working harmoniously. Your website, e-mail marketing, social media & SEO interconnect to influence the results each one has on the other. We can help you to devise a comprehensive digital approach that will substantiate your website's investment and effectively convert online traffic into relevant business leads.

Search Engine Optimization

What's the point of having a website that no one will see? As search engines continue to update the requirements for higher placement, older SEO tricks simply won't work anymore. Graphicus utilizes a variety of techniques to help improve your page ranking and enhance your potential customers chances of connecting with you.

Email Marketing campaigns

Email campaigns that provoke decisive action can profoundly influence brand visibility, improve website traffic and generate legitimate business leads. Graphicus Design's content creation is motivated by the goal of generating legitimate interaction between you and your audience. Whether it's a one shot e-blast, monthly newsletter, or strategic plan, your emails will be remembered and reacted to.

Online Publications

Turn your e-book, monthly publication, newsletter, catalog or annual report into a real page turner on the web! Graphicus takes your publication from concept through uploading to help you expand your publication's audience and grow it's advertising revenues.

Social Media

Drive customers to your website, expand your audience and develop a more meaningful interaction with your customer base. Social media connects all your marketing efforts and gives you instantaneous feedback on their successes and failures. It can build a strong and loyal fan base that will in turn, help YOU grow virally. Graphicus can help you determine the most effective outlets for your social marketing efforts, whether it's Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, and create targeted content to help create a buzz about your business.

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